Hot Tub Rentals & Sales

We are a RotoSpa dealer specializing in the rentals, sales and accessories.

We are proud to serve the Greater Ottawa Area and the Ottawa Valley.

A RotoSpa is the perfect solution to any occasion or event.

Rent or buy a 6 person RotoSpa hot tub today!

  • Comfortable moulded seating with cool off seat
  • 20 jets with back and foot massage
  • 6 drink holders
  • Superior filtration with surface skimmer
  • locking lid
  • Hard durable plastic shell
    LED light
  • Insulated locking cover
  • 6 colors to choose from



ROTOSPA portable hot tubs are designed with your comfort in mind.


Just plug it in.

Why Rotospa?


Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck and will roll through a doorway opening.

Just Plug It In

It's as simple as that...a household 110v plug and you're done.

Made in Canada

Pride of quality and an attention to detail is our standard operating practice.

Health Benefits

There are some serious health benefits to be had from owning a ROTOSPA portable hot tub.